Our Team

We’re a group of friends who want to make the world safer for everyone. Coming from various backgrounds, we have been able to combine our skills to develop a mobile application that can help us achieve our mission.

Our Story

Guardaround is our passion project which came into being after we realized that something had to be done about personal safety. We know that the biggest hurdle in making a safer society is the lack of real-time information about incidents happening in your immediate vicinity. We have seen this happen both on the news and in real life too. Many people have been in accidents which could’ve been easily avoided if they knew about the situation that lay ahead of them.
This led us to conceptualize and develop an app that can keep users informed about occurrences in their surroundings. Users would know what’s going on in their vicinity, what area isn’t safe to go to, and get real-time alerts for all of this. We’ve been working on this project for over 2 years, and now we are confident that Guardaround is ready to make the world safer!
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Join us in making neighborhoods safer across the globe

We are helping people keep their houses and their families safe in their neighborhoods. Be a part of the movement, help your loved ones by giving them Guardaround to keep them safe.
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