About Us

We’re a group of friends with a common ambition to make every neighborhood, every city, and every country in the world safe and secure. We’ve developed Guardaround to ensure that our ambitions become a reality.

A Safer World For Everyone!

When we started, we knew that mere ambitions wouldn’t be enough. After all, who doesn’t want a safer world and a peaceful life. So we started channeling our ambition into developing an app that would help people stay safe in their neighborhoods and live a peaceful life.
Almost everyone is using a smartphone nowadays, and it has made reaching the real-time data so much easier. However, there was a need for an app like Guardaround that would give people proper alerts and info about what’s going on in their vicinity, so they know which place is safe to go and which isn’t.
We’ve added a number of features that would help achieve this goal.

News Feed

You’re familiar with the concept of news feeds, but Guardaround’s news feeds will be mainly focused on where you live and your surrounding areas. You will be provided with info about any incidents that happened in your vicinity, and you can handle the situation for yours and others safety.

Watch On Platform

There will be a dedicated feature where you can see the footage of what’s happening in your vicinity. If an accident like a fire or a collision occurs nears you, we’ll make sure that you know where it happened and how to avoid the area for the overall safety of the community.

Receive Alerts

To keep you updated with the most important stuff, we’ll send constant alerts. These will cover anything worthwhile that’s happening around you, so you could plan your day accordingly.

Join us and create a safer neighborhood

We’re helping your loved ones get a safer environment where they can live worry-free. You can help us help them by installing Guardaround.